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What You Missed: This Week's Series on Delay of Gratification

Aug 08 2010 Published by under Links Best Served Cold, What You Missed

This week, we did a series on Delay of Gratification and Walter Mischel's classic cookie task.

If you're just getting started now, the best place to begin is with Jason's hilarious video post on the task itself.  Then onto the series:

1.  The Room: Self Control and the Classic Cookie Task

2. A Cognitive Primer: Cognitive Control and Neural Architecture

3. The Defenestration of Cookie: Throwing Cognitive Control out the Window?

4. Does Self Control Determine Class?

5. In Sum, Dear Reader

From the Melodye Files, there was a bittersweet tale of tears and triumph, circa 1989.  Then downloaded straight from Jason's brain, we had a fascinating look at historical perspectives on social development.   You might also enjoy our writerly blind item on a bed-wetting British essayist (for the curious, the answer is revealed at the end of the comments).

Still hungering for more?

Last year, Jonah Lehrer did an engaging piece for the New Yorker on Walter Mischel that should intrigue.  And given all the talk about class that got bandied about, you may be interested in hearing about "The Persistence of Poverty," by philosopher Charles Karelis (link is to Mind Hack's write up, which is a great starting point).

My friend, Jason K., has also rightly pointed out the excellent work of Harvard economist Roland Fryer, and in particular his papers "It May Not Take a Village: Increasing Achievement Among the Poor" and "Are High-Quality Schools Enough to Increase Achievement Among the Poor? Evidence from the Harlem Children’s Zone."

Signing off from the city of angels,

Melody & Jason

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