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Guess what turns me on?

Sep 30 2010 Published by under From the Melodye Files

...according to suspect sources on the Interwebs, I'm a logomaniac who enjoys gratification, control and long walks on the work.  Gross!  (At least "models" and "cookie" made the list?)  If *I* had devised my own list of favorite hot-topics (and not some half-baked word-counting algorithm that knows none of the particulars of my rich internal life), it would have had a lot of this, and this, and also that.

Clearly what this blog needs is more talk of sex, drugs, and cupcakes.

(Thanks to @gameswithwords for the generator tip.)

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On becoming Birkin and letting go of Gainsbourg

Sep 27 2010 Published by under From the Melodye Files

The attitude of defiance of many American women proves that they are haunted by a sense of their femininity. In truth, to go for a walk with one’s eyes open is enough to demonstrate that humanity is divided into two classes of individuals whose clothes, faces, bodies, smiles, gaits, interests, and occupations are manifestly different. Perhaps these differences are superficial, perhaps they are destined to disappear. What is certain is that they do most obviously exist.  --Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

As a scientist, I take seriously the idea that our expectations about the world shape not only our understanding and perception of it, but our engagement with it. Here, I muse on the implications this has both for how we perceive successful women in society, and how our expectations may shape the course and outcome of their achievement.

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Your Humble Narrators on Bloggingheads

Jason and Melody are the subjects of today's Science Saturday program. Watch us chat with eachother for about an hour on how we became scientists and science bloggers, our thoughts on the state of psychology as a field, peer review and the journal system, how the study of language learning and comparative cognition may not be so different, and a smattering of other thoughts.

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Why, Hello Again

Sep 17 2010 Published by under From the Melodye Files

To the four of you left reading -- Jason and I have been trying to get our bearings as Scientopia has been bouncing amidst servers, and will resume regular posts soon.  In the meantime, I would highly recommend checking out Fifty-Cent translated into the Queen's English.  Really raises some interesting questions about what 'translation' means, eh?  (Ha-ha, kidding!) (Sort of)

I could also use some help picking a hotel room for a conference this weekend... As a young traveler, I've been investigating the 'budget' options.  TripAdviser has informed me that I can choose among the following fine establishments.  Please advise --

I can't get over how dire the reviews are --!  "Don't do this"  "MY MISTAKE"  "Stay away!" --It's like they survived Hostel II and have clawed their way back to civilization just so they can write ominous testimonials on TripAdvisor.

Can't WAIT 😉

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The Long Tail of Language

Aug 31 2010 Published by under Forget What You've Read!, From the Melodye Files

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.  Modern life would be very tedious if it were either, and modern literature a complete impossibility!”
–Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

My apologies to readers who may be wondering when the promised series would materialize.  The weekend was spent taking snaps of Laura La Rue and drinking double-digit vino in the kitchen with Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet.  If this science-thing doesn’t work out, I’m off to join the jet-set.  I’m still wondering if it’s possible to style myself after a desperately bespectacled Grace Kelly?

(More on that later…)

In any case : in today’s posting, I take up a rather curious property of human languages that you may have never properly been introduced to.  And that property is Zipfian.

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The Development of Causal Reasoning: On Optimal Search in the A-not-B task

Aug 16 2010 Published by under Forget What You've Read!, From the Melodye Files

I am a horribly forgetful girl.

Which is a funny thing to say, really, because I’m not quite sure whether it’s my memory that’s bad or my attention.  Recently, for instance, I spent several hours searching for my phone to no avail, only to find (the following morning) that I had left it in my underwear drawer.  It reminded me of when I left my driver’s license in the refrigerator with my passport; or the time I put a bowl of ice-cream in the oven for safekeeping.

It is desperately hard to ‘find’ things again once I’ve committed such an error, because there is simply no logical way to retrace my steps.  “Ah yes, the oven!  A perfect place to stow the ice-cream…”

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Don't Bite: A Personal Best

Aug 06 2010 Published by under From the Melodye Files

Melody Dye

The Author as a Child

I, for one, have never been one to wait on a good thing.

I am self-indulgent by way of my mother, either by training or breeding or both.  A thing you should know: the woman loves her food spicy.  And when I say loves her food, I mean all her food: her chips, her steak, her salad, her ice-cream.  I would tell you it's a disgusting habit, but that undersells the sheer pathology of it.  I've known her to pepper the dessert at a Michelin star restaurant with tabasco she'd snuck in with her purse, and to paint her fingers with the seeds from jalapeños, so she could thoughtfully suck at her nails while maxing out cards and sweet-talking shop clerks and grocers (another speciality of hers).

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