What belongs in the public domain?

Oct 20 2010 Published by under Links Best Served Cold

Most science blogs link to other science blogs.  I get the feeling our readers are in good hands when it comes to getting their science-fill.  So here's what else I'm reading (or watching) right now:

Man Gets Revenge on Ex-Girlfriend on C-SPAN 2

What belongs in the public domain?  This video begs the question in a big way.  (It also happens to be hilarious).  See the Washington Post recap here.

Coming Out : On Gay Identity (A Video Series, Courtesy of BigThink)

There is something intensely voyeuristic about this, which makes it both compelling and avidly watchable.  I've seen quite a number of the videos on BigThink and am usually bored to tears within minutes (academics rambling on does not make for good viewing, typically).  But catch the brilliant at their most personal and it's something else entirely.  My favorite?  John Waters -- he comes at the end.

The Book Bench : Paul Muldoon takes on K$sha

Ever wanted to watch a vaunted Princeton lit professor take on pop's dirtiest star?  (In the vein of : Ali G. goes to Princeton)

Christine O'Donnell & Sarah Palin are proof that the more incendiary your beliefs, the better

A hysterical take-down of Christine O'Donnell by none other than the Guardian's AF Kennedy.  (A woman)  Be sure to at least check out the picture and O'Donnell's tightightight smile!

"Uppity anti-masturbation campaigner, ex-witch and TV pundit Christine O'Donnell is both an embarrassing threat to established Republican interests and a woman with the stunned eyes and tighttighttight smile of a stranger to self-love. (She also presents an apparently intoxicating, Palinesque persona: part 80s hooker, part moron, part woman who may wake boys with garden shears for impure thinking.)"

Please see also Christine O'Donnell, constitutional scholar, on the separation of church and state (what's that again--?)

What is it like to be a woman in philosophy?

A collection of contributed horror stories.  Hat tip to Mr. Ritchie for sharing.

Deprecated language columnist wins fiction prize

A short, short post on Language Log by Geoffrey Pullum (a linguist whom I greatly respect and admire).  He seems to always be advocating for optimism.  "I like the diversity of humankind, and the complicated character of individual human beings. The surprises and the contradictions appeal to me."

One link that's been circulating that I really can't stand : "FCKH8 (Warning : You Will Be Offended)"

There's something truly pathetic about preaching to the converted while offending the on-the-fencer's (who are you trying to win over here, anyway?).  One of the most powerful shorts I've seen in the last year was MIA's "Born Free."  I think that lyric testimony made me feel much more likely to give to a gay-rights campaign (or any other campaign to aid the marginalized or oppressed) than a flippant (adolescent) "f*ck you."  Anger can prove a powerful weapon, but wielding it is a delicate matter.

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  • muteKi says:

    I found the fckh8 video interesting as a concept (if only because of how far out it was compared to, say, the "It Gets Better" video series or what you've posted above), but to be quite honest, while watching it the only reason I was offended was due to the fact that I felt it wasted my time.

    Surely if part of the reason we want to support gay rights is to demonstrate that gay couples love each other much the same way that straight couples do, then there's a better way to do that than just show two guys making out in order to be "edgy"/"offensive".

    I think that's something that bothers me about stuff like that; it's not about getting people to accept other people being gay because that's-just-who-we-are, it's about being gay because it's different and being different is always better.

    I think the message really does need to be stuff like "I fell in love with another woman overseas, but because I'm not given the same privileges as straight people, under the law, there's no way that she can live with me here as a citizen. I love her very much but I wish I could be more secure in our future," and not simply "fuck the haters".