Blind Item: Cookie Monster!

Aug 08 2010 Published by under Blind Item

As a child, my favorite googley-eyed muppet on Sesame Street was Cookie Monster. For those not in the know, chocolate chip cookies are his favorite kind and oatmeal cookies are his second favorite. Showing awareness of healthier habits, since 2006 he has said that cookies are "a sometime snack" and that he also enjoys fruits and eggplant.

But Cookie Monster didn't always love cookies. In one song, he revealed what name his parents had given him, before he discovered his love for cookies.

One point to the person who correctly identifies Cookie's original name in the comments of this post. An additional point for identifying the individual who first provided Cookie's voice, for over thirty years. Remember: No googling for the correct answers! The first correct answer for each question wins. Winners need not answer both questions to earn points.

As a reminder, you can keep track of all blind items and trivia questions, and keep score, by clicking on the Trivia Scorecard and Rules page, above.

16 responses so far

  • I didn't know it without googling. I was going to guess that it had something to do with vegetables.

  • I seem to recall that Frank Oz did Cookie Monster. I know he did Grover (and Miss Piggy and Yoda), but I'm not sure about Cookie Monster... in fact I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.

  • Ubi Dubium says:

    Frank Oz definitely did Cookie Monster's voice. The only name I can remember is "Alistair Cookie" but that was from Monsterpiece Theater, not from a song.

    This "cookies are a sometime food" rubbish has to go. Next thing you know Oscar will be taking antidepressants and anger management classes, and the Count will say there are other things in life besides numbers. Cookie Monster was never meant to be a role model! Good thing my kids outgrew Sesame Street before this sort of thing started happening to it.

  • Jason G. Goldman says:

    1 point to Joseph Hewitt for getting the puppeteer correct: it was Frank Oz. Still nothing on the other question...Alistair Cookie (while being my favorite persona of Cookie's) is not the correct answer.

  • anaxagoras says:

    "A sometime snack"?!?! WTF?!?! Then he has lost his cookie-monster-ness, his persona, his raison-d'etre! I am thoroughly disillusioned.

    I should mention I may be particularly biased on this issue. My very first word was--guess what--"cookie", so he has always been a bit of my alter ego. Until now. Eggplant, uggh.

    • Jason G. Goldman says:

      My first word was "cookie" too!!!

      • anaxagoras says:

        Given my early fixation on cookies, and having been precocious (or so I've been told), I'd bet that if they had tried the cookie test on me then I would have tried to negotiate for a third cookie. Wonder if that outcome ever occurs in the tests. cookies cookies cookies yum yum yum yum burp!

  • PJ says:

    Why oh why did you distract my with this? For some reason Gordon popped into my head but, I am sure that was another person on the show.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am new to this blog but if I recall correctly, Cookie Monster said that his name was Sid before he ever ate his first cookie. And I thought David Rudman was the voice of Cookie Monster?

    • Jason G. Goldman says:

      Frank Oz provided the voice of Cookie for over 30 years... but SID is the correct name! 1 point to Elizabeth. The main trivia page has been updated!

  • Lisa says:

    It's funny because I've been doing a little research today about Cookie Monster because tomorrow (Nov. 2) is Cookie Monster Day and that's how I came across your blog. I didn't read anything about his name being Sid, so that's good to know, but I did read that in his pre-Sesame Street life he was known in a Munchos commercial as Arnold.

  • Jasen says:

    I agree with Cookie Monster. Cookies are "a sometime snack". Sometimes you have two. Sometimes you have more. 🙂

  • Iluvcookies says:

    I stumbled apon this site when I was look for a pic of cookie monster for my blog ( and I always can't help reading comments! I didn't know his original name was Sid!!!!! But cookies are an always snack. Always! Whenever possible 😀

  • CookieNotVeggieMonster says:


  • blahbianery says:

    I agree with CookieNootVeggieMonster... his name used to be Sid, he told people this in a 2004 episode.

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