Welcome to Child’s Play!

Aug 01 2010 Published by under State of the Blog

Welcome to Child's Play! We're so excited to be a part of this new blog collective experiment. Take some time to look around, peruse the blogroll...get comfortable. We're still adjusting a few things, so bear with us as we get everything set up (and do let us know if anything is broken!)

What is this blog about?
Put simply, this blog is about cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development in children and adolescents. We'll cover peer-reviewed research (including new research and the classics), discuss the ways that the mainstream media misrepresents and misunderstands that research, and talk about the joys and sorrows of doing research with kids. Expect to see such topics in the coming weeks as numerical cognition, color learning, the development of cognitive control, theory of mind, and language acquisition. You can also expect to see us taking a broader view of the major trends and theoretical perspectives in developmental psychology.

Who are we?
If you landed here from Jason's blog at Scienceblogs, The Thoughtful Animal, then you already know him. For those of you who are new readers, at his other blog, Jason writes about animal behavior and cognition and the evolution of this mind. Here, he'll write about his other true love: child development research.

Melody is a researcher in cognitive science at Stanford University, and an occasional contributor to Scientific American's Mind Matters blog. You can access her published research at the Cognition, Language & Learning Lab.

You can find our contact info (including twitter) on the Contacts and Policies tab, and you can find more extensive background information on each of us on the Who Are We? page.

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